The only way to measure success is to identify key performance indicators and track their change over time. Marketing is part art and part science, and we often need to adjust our content strategy to achieve optimal results.

We offer regular reporting at intervals that make sense for your business and your budget.

We launched a new website for a telecommunications company that included fresh content and a new layout. Working closely with creative and programming agency personnel, we planned the flow of pages, implemented eCommerce capability, and administered content management and site maintenance services. Additionally, we managed an SEO strategy with a third-party vendor to ensure targets and goals were met. In the 12 months following the site’s launch, new visitors increased 55%, organic search visitors increased 16% and Google visits increased 125%.

For a client looking to increase brand awareness on social media, we implemented a robust Facebook marketing strategy including several posts each week. All content was designed to position the client as a thought leader, and source of information for local businesses. Over a period of six months we recorded year-over-year Facebook metrics including a 96.3% increase in page likes, 512.8% increase in organic post reach, and 374.5% increase in total post reach.

Working with a startup client, we developed a cohesive digital marketing strategy that included email marketing, social media, and a new website. Over 12 months, the client’s mailing list, facebook, and twitter audiences each increased by 200-300%.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

Dan Zarrella