Building a LinkedIn Portfolio

If you haven’t already, it’s time to update your professional profile by sharing rich media on your profile. Building a LinkedIn portfolio is a great way to showcase your best work – video, graphics, PDF documents, articles and more – in a way that’s easy for potential employers or clients to digest. Continue reading Building a LinkedIn Portfolio

How to Rock Content Creation

The art of content creation is what sets great marketing professionals apart from the rest of the pack. Clearly communicating a brand’s unique selling propositions in a way that’s entertaining and visually appealing sounds much easier than it is – done well, it’s magical. It can help to think of content creation like telling a story. Savvy marketers weave together authenticity and amusement to elicit an emotional response and create relationships between brands and their target audiences. Continue reading How to Rock Content Creation

2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Digital marketing trends are a hot topic as marketers try to get ahead of the curve going into 2018. In an industry that’s always evolving, it can be tough to see the next hot thing coming. A better strategy might be to focus on the undercurrents that drive innovations like the rise of artificial intelligence and chat bots. It’s hard to stay on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry, but these 2018 digital marketing trends could help get your year off to a strong start. Continue reading 2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

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4 Website Management Tips if Your Website is Down

Several weeks ago we found ourselves in an embarrassing website management situation – the Top Shelf website was down. Chrome users were seeing an off-putting warning that the Top Shelf site was not secure instead of our home page. A potential customer alerted us to the situation, which wasn’t ideal. Luckily we quickly identified the issue’s source: a failed auto-renew of our SSL certificate. Continue reading 4 Website Management Tips if Your Website is Down

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5 Big Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

There is a lot of advice floating around about social media best practices and strategies. While no two social media campaigns, accounts or channels are alike, some things hold true across all mediums and industries. We’ve compiled some of the worst tips that we’ve come across as well as our faux pas fixes. Continue reading 5 Big Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

6 Website Development Tips for Success

6 Website Development Factors that Hurt Performance

Website development is among the more technical aspects of digital marketing. One of the biggest fears associated with web development is spending valuable resources launching a shiny new website that underperforms. Sometimes outside factors impact goals, but often the barriers to success are borne from failures in the web development process. Here are six website development factors that can mean the difference between a homerun and a strikeout. Continue reading 6 Website Development Factors that Hurt Performance

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4 Benefits of WordPress Websites

Wordpress, Website PlatformAs a full-service digital marketing partner, we work with websites using a variety of platforms from WordPress to ASP.NET. When it comes to making development recommendations, 9.5 times out of 10 we strongly encourage prospective clients to use WordPress. Continue reading 4 Benefits of WordPress Websites

Why Your Website Needs HTTPS

Why Your Website Needs HTTPS

You’ve probably heard the growing buzz around HTTPS and SSL. What you may be less familiar with is how important it is to your website. In October 2017, Google will display security warnings in the address bar of sites that collect user information without HTTPS. If you have any fill in content at all – newsletter sign up, contact form, etc. – this applies to your website. Continue reading Why Your Website Needs HTTPS

LinkedIn Audience Network

What is the LinkedIn Audience Network?

LinkedIn finally introduced it’s own native advertising network this week, the LinkedIn Audience Network. The new advertising component allows marketers to place Sponsored Content on high-quality, third party publishers across devices. Continue reading What is the LinkedIn Audience Network?

Why Outsourcing Social Media is Worth It

There are lots of reasons decision makers are outsourcing social media marketing. One of the principal motivating factors for hiring a social media marketing agency is almost always a lack of resources – financial or personnel. The first step to success is identifying gaps between a company’s current social media strategy and the digital marketing goals it hopes to achieve. Smart brands recognize the value partnering with a professional agency, and leverage the relationship to the benefit of their bottom line. Continue reading Why Outsourcing Social Media is Worth It